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What People Say ...

I trained with Graham for 4 years during which time I reduced body fat to the low teens, added 3k muscle, worked through rehab following two hip surgeries and got my ring muscle-up. Very grateful for this progress!

Tim, Finance Professional, 60's

I’m not athletic at all. When kids played outside, I studied. My midlife crisis was to start  “moving”; I stumbled onto badminton and quickly fell in love with it. Being middle aged and overweight, it was hard to excel.  That’s where Graham came in and changed it all. From body composition to nutrition to sleep management, I slowly and steadily started to get in shape.  Next it was flexibility and mobility problems which hinder my footwork in badminton, he helped me to solve those too.  Our workouts are always targeted and challenged and he pushes me to stay on course.  6 years on since I started badminton (and working out with Graham) I have won a few local competitions and participated in a few international amateur tournaments.

Do I hate him during our workouts? Yeah, you bet. But that is what makes him a great trainer.

Edith Au Yeung, 40's

InnerLMNT is a cleverly designed urban health and lifestyle experience that integrates fitness, nutrition and recovery. A great way to connect with yourself and others!

Laurena Law, Doctor

Graham’s training brought me to a lifestyle which I desire to have for years but was not willing to take actions in the past. His bespoke approach focused on where I was and stretched with a great balance of knowing when to pause.   It was just right for me.  I saw him stretching others much hard, he has a way to know who needs to do what to create the outcomes that the persons want. Together with his open, accepting and professional attitude, he really helped me in making progress integrating workout and food that fit my lifestyle and provided me with results faster and longer than I expected. But don’t be fooled believing his perfect physique and tough love belief that he only could train highly committed achievers, his smooth and non-judgemental way is helpful to keep you going.   Also, don’t be fooled that he lets you escape as he would stretch you and help you to reach that optimal point where you can be.   A great personal trainer that I highly recommend!

Catherine Eidens, Personal & Executive Coach

I started training with Graham for almost 8 years.  Although I felt I was in reasonable shape, I had no idea how little I knew about fitness.   With him, I not only increased my strength and lowered my body fat below 10%, but he helped me understand how to manage my sleep, my diet and my overall health to optimize my wellbeing.  Over the years he has trained me in strength, calisthenics, mobility and even gymnastics based routines, keeping me always engaged, evolving and improving every part of my process.  It’s been an amazing journey and you always look forward to what’s next with Graham!

Adrian V, Finance Professional, early 40's

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