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Proven effective in the elite world of sports, there is no denying the advantages of working into the muscle tissue and the lymphatic system, and calming the nervous system in the process of recovery.


Ice Bath / Sento / Breath Work


Improve your recovery with contrast bath therapy by oxygenating the body, reducing inflammation, relaxing muscle and increasing circulation. Revive every cell by stimulating the most primitive parts of your being to invigorate your body and mind.

Stress Management

With use of a personal health and lifestyle program, you will know exactly how your genetics can be optimised through changing your environment from training to workspace and beyond. Personalised health has never been so accessible.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has long been a measure to track one's well-being. Wearable tech makes it possible to monitor this every moment of everyday and even helps identify how your Central Nervous System interacts with HRV and muscle tissue, giving you a comprehensive analysis of you current state of readiness.

Corporate Wellness


Take care of your team as we know employees' well-being pays off.  Aligning with your culture in

servicing the physical and mental well-being, we adopt an interactive approach in taking care of

your team's health that truly leads to a better balance, ultimately helping to boost concentration,

work performance and productivity.

Rooftop Experience

All-in-One lifestyle experience completed with outdoor personal training, recovery, float therapy and

food. A wholesome and comprehensive experience designed for small groups on our Rooftop.

Home Gym

Gym Design Consultation


Suitable for those looking to create a training environment at home. We understand space is scarce

and valuable especially in the city, so we want to help optimise your space, whether it is to simply source the right equipment or to fully design a gym space.


PT Backpack

For Personal Trainers to create the best training experiences on the move, adapting to outdoor and at home training environments.





Our collaborations with teachers from all over offers you and the people around you the yin and yang of this amazing practice.

Gymnastics Strength Training


Gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes in the world. We incorporate routines and weighted stretches of joint prep, optimal range and elite range to improve your stamina, power, and strength, creating stronger and more mobile body.

Muscle Activation Technique


A muscle testing system the encompasses check and balances in real time. What is your body saying in the moment and how can we fire inactive or dormant muscles in improving motion. Something tight? Maybe it's tight because something else isn't doing its job. Find the root of
movement limitations today.






Eating right takes more than information, it takes execution. Let us provide help with both. Feel amazing again with sustainable
interventions today. One size does not fit all. Eat not just the right foods but at the right time and maybe in the right place FOR YOU. Find out what your genes are telling you and how we can enhance the gifts you've been given.

LMNT Foods

Helping you with the execution, we take over the meal design and daily preparation away from your busy schedule. You do not need to compromise taste for a healthy nutritious meal that works for you.


Complementing a nutrition consult, we can assess your deficiencies and help recommend supplements to ensure that you get the sufficient nutrients you need in addition to the food you consume.




1-1 Personal

Semi-Private & Group

Strength & Conditioning

Movement & Calisthenics

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