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The Elements Inside You

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Lifestyle has become a way of life driven by multifaceted scientific influences, ranging from ergonomic hot desk concepts to mobile apps to track just about everything. Even smoking these days doesn’t need a lighter or thousands of chemicals, not that I am suggesting this is a way for a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Inner LMNT, we think of lifestyle as the wind in your sails. If your boat has some leaks, your food reserves are low and water supply contaminated, the last thing you want is to stagnate. Start moving today with the element of wind carrying you to places where fantastic is how you feel, fit is how you look and strong is a way of life.

Mobility has an undeniable correlation to health. Flexion is protection and tightness is your body's way of responding to the manifestation of stress overload. You don’t have to bend like origami to optimise your health. Flow like water and allow movement through your muscles and joints to take back control of your body.

Nutrition is undoubtedly a major component to making changes in the body; however a "diet plan" is often seen to take over your daily habits, impose change in social interactions and challenge not just your pallet but your self control. Earth represents how you can ground yourself away from fads and get back into nutrient-dense balanced eating and drinking to support an often polluted and dysfunctional body to begin the healing. Heal by starting with your plate. Don’t make it a chore, as we welcome Mother Earth's pleasures to connect you back into your best form.

Training can only be represented with fire to burn and fuel your metabolism. Improve your movement because motion is lotion. Strong is the foundation from which all things are built. You cannot fake strength, no smoke mirrors or suntan can give you the hard earned success gained in the gym. The goals we set may take months and years to fully achieve but you will appreciate the small wins which lead to huge gains that no one can take away from you. I have met ex gymnasts away from the mat for decades throwing their bodies in ways you could not imagine for yourself because they have banked that strength from years of training complexity.


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